1. fire safety
    We do not wash by hand. Surprised? Hand washing can only get as far as the human arm can reach. We use industrial strength high pressure hot water washers and degreasers to clean deeper and more thoroughly than hand washing. Our trained technicians use 3,500 – 4,000 PSI, heated water machines. A powerful, chemical degreaser is used that is specifically formulated to degrease exhaust hoods, filters, ducts and fans and is safe on all hood systems and materials. Your kitchen exhaust will be left clean and polished. Here’s what we include:
  2. More Than Just Hood Cleaning
    All Averus service associates participate in a comprehensive training program that provides the skills needed to get the job done right. Our experienced staff is focused on safety and efficiency, ensuring a job well done. Each kitchen exhaust hood cleaning service is completed thoroughly and with minimal disruption to your business. Qualified Averus supervisors oversee each project to make sure it goes according to plan, inspecting the entire cleaning effort for quality and completeness.
  3. Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
    Stillwater Commercial Services are the experts in kitchen exhaust cleaning services. Why? Countless restaurant establishments have relied on our hood and duct cleaning services because our industry-certified and trained technicians and our track record of customer service and responsiveness give them peace of mind from the moment you call us. After all, entrusting your kitchen exhaust cleaning with a company you can trust will put you and your staff at ease, knowing that the risk of fire in your kitchen is greatly diminished by the frequent grease removal service that Stillwater Commercial Services provides.
  4. Power Washing
    There are times when spots and layers of grease or grime won’t come out, even after putting much effort into scrubbing. Commercial kitchen cleaners utilize different techniques and technologies to make sure that they eliminate all the grease that has accumulated on surfaces and hoods. Power washing for instance, blasts away all stubborn material that won’t come off if another method was used.
  5. Hood & Duct Cleaning
    Hood & Duct Cleaning. The kitchen is one of the most used areas in a house, and regular cooking on a stove top can cause the range hood and duct above it to get clogged. Cleaning a range hood and duct regularly is a must for keeping the kitchen and home free of smoke and cooking odors.
  6. Benefits from professionally cleaned kitchen exhaust systems:
    improved health standards decreased risk of fire better ventilation for smoke and odor removal compliance with local and national fire and health codes improved government inspection ratings greater energy savings cleaner working environment and minimized product contamination